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cxjulie said
I joined this site in 2014. Think it was later in the year. I started meeting different men. I mean what the hell. I had nothing to lose! So between whenever it was I joined in '14 till April '15 I met I'd say around 20 or 25 men from here. They mostly was thanks for meeting see ya later, and go. I say may 4 were worth my effort. You know that's the chance you take. Well in April of '15 I was getting around 200 messages and IM's a day. So the chance of a reply from me was slim. I logged on and was deleting unwanted stuff, and I seen the message from hawkman20951962 I thought unusal screen name, and u barly could see him standing beside a green camero. Something just caught my attention. I thought to myself I'm gonna see what this one has to say or offer that I can't do without. When I opened it the first thing I saw wasn't a penis! Long story short. We talked for a week or so. Seemed to hit it off well. One weekend I needed to just go get away. He text and I said you serious about meeting. He said yes I am! I said ok what you doing? He said not anything. I said well here's your chance. Come get me! He said ok let me shower. I'll be on my way. He was 80 miles away. Sometimes later. He called and said I'm here. I said ok I'm coming. Stayed that weekend. Went back a week later stayed a week with him. I had some problems. So I went to stay with another friend. Hawkins and I talked everyday and text numerous times. We were talking one day and he said I want you to come stay with me. I had honestly hoped he would ask. I didn't really think he would we only had known each other about two months. I told him if he really wanted me to. Come get me. He did and it was the best decision him and I had made in a long time. So folks here we are three years later. Deeply in love. We can't stand to be apart. I would have never thought a hookup would lead to what him and I have. We still like to play. We decided we would do this as a couple. We have met a few others. We clicked with with with them. Some may not agree with our choices, but the one thing no one understands about hawk and I. When party time is over..This girl goes home with him! Personally I don't see that changing for years to come. Thanks AdultFriendFinder!
Skinnyguy545 said
This sight lets me be my self I can show people that I enjoy my panties and get to know people just like me
funw1thy0u said
We have been using AdultFriendFinder for just over 6 years now. we had immediate success in meeting so many great people in our area that we now have a LS community build with such a diverse group that there is someone for everyone. we still communicate and post about our parties, meet n greets and small gathering using AdultFriendFinder. Its an awesome community and you can even change your location to areas that you are travelling to, just to let others know you will be in their neck of the woods. We have met a couple hundred people in our area and more in our travels.

Thanks AdultFriendFinder
Kspot39 said
Easygoing enjoying the new way since splitting up with my ex's 5ft 11stone bubble looking for something different. Just seeing what I can get hold of lol
Kspot39 said
Easygoing enjoying the new way since splitting up with my ex's 5ft 11stone bubble looking for something different. Just seeing what I can get hold of lol AdultFriendFinder
thisisdazzle said
I have been on AdultFriendFinder for more than an year. Have been trying to meet ladies for some fun and fantasies. I met someone from the site. She is great.

More than the sex, friendship that I liked. We have been meeting regularly and would like to continue the relationship.

The sex is awesome. We spend whole night playing, talking, kissing, it's just great.
PaulMMclaughlin said
Looking for anyone from Eugene, Oregon. I am 5'5" and 200 lb and at age of 68. See me and my history page at AdultFriendFinder Paul Marvin McLaughlin
PaulMMclaughlin said
Looking for anyone from Eugene, Oregon. I am 5'5" and 200 lb and at age of 68. See me and my history page at AdultFriendFinder Paul Marvin McLaughlin
Myshell1980 said
my husband and I have been together now for almost 11 years! Married for 10 of those. He is the love of m life, tho he lived a secret life! He has lived in the shadows of he true freaking most amazing , and most amazing sex life I have had the pleasure of being a BIG PART OF. he is BI. I have known since day 10 in to our dating. Yet in the past if I talked about him liking guys he would flip out on me. At my wits end I thought it was over and he no longer wanted me or needed my love above everything else. So I took our kids and left. I came back only after 48 hours of leaving. I got some what the truth. I was very hurt. yet I felt very sorry for my love , because after all this time my sweet loving MAN gave me a sex life most can only dream of and he was truly not getting the best in the sex life he created for us by NOT being honest with himself as well as me. i quickly became very hot and ready to do things with him. I truly love sharing DICK with my husband and taking him and his sex drive to hole new levels.. I can not gget back the last 10 yrs , but I can make the next 20 thE BEST HE HAS EVER Had.....i intend TO DO JUST THAT... THANKS FOR READING
bratbbratt said
OMG the last guy i met at AdultFriendFinder WAS UNBELIEVEABLE he was my age and about the same size except his dick. he had the biggest cock i have ever had, he said it was a little over 13" long (i measured it it was a little under 15' and thick)!

He asked me for a drink I asked what do you like he laughed and said Bushmill. a shot glass straight up? I asked. he just looked at me, i poured a tumbler 2/3 full. I asked "anything else you need daddy?

Suck it now! mmmmmm i said and got down on the floor. he stuck it in my mouth it was warm and hard i was so fucking horny but I was not sure what i was going to do. then he rammed it in my mouth I could feel it deep inside of me and i was not able to breath any more, o shit t thaught then i opened my eyes and saw he was only about half way in another thrust and i felt his big black balls on my chin. i couldant take it any more and started to gag still unable to breath he pulled out about half way and said breath bitch if you take it out of your mouth i am going to finish my scotch and leav!

i don't know what hapende but i gasped for air and i was able to breath through my nose again he then slowly pushed in deeper and deeper stopping when i could not get any air until I was able to againe. in a minuit or two it was in all the way again. he let me rest for a mute with his entire 14.5 inch cock almost in my stomach. then he started going in and out slowly i was so god dam horny i grabbed his ass and rammed it in hard and deep then it was on he pounded my face and i was loved it then he exploded after about 20 holy shit i thought i could have dyed i need a break he was cumming so hard and much i could'nt take it i pushed him away cumm went every where.

REMEMBER WHAT I WHAT I TOLD YOU SLUT? NO I SAID I AM SO SORRY SIR IT WILL NEVER HA.... He rammed it in my mouth and fucked me even harder i don't know how long it lasted or if I would be able to keep it up but I did and he was cumming all over my face mmm i loved it .

Now that sucked he said! take your clothes off in front of me now. i did all I had on was a sweat and some panties. Now they lay on the ground, he looked at my crotch and laughed i said what its not that small! No he said you have cumm in your panties. I was emberised and apologised.. Good boy he said
BiPleasurePak said
Almost three years to the day i made this account for myself, so i could finally open up and explore. Well. Not even 4 days after then i got a private message from some one. And he ended up being the nicest, most courteous man I had ever ever met. And well, still going stornymg. Hehe.
BiPleasurePak said
In 2014 I finally was able to stop drinking half Gal.s of a different alcohol evey night. All to my self. I was able to stop myself from turning into a raging alcoholic before i was even 21. Well i quit drinking one day and i found my own little slice of heaven. I had a man that wasnt afraid of me, and liked that i didn have an army of past guys still chasing me. And i just so happened to meet my knight, right on this very website. I lost almost 75lbs in our first couple months together, and then. By some king of miracle, i got pregnant. It shoud not have been possible by any means. And yet.. I got to find my happiness, and got the greatest gift, way more thani ever could have dreamed for, let alone actually hoped for?.. Its been almost three years exactly, we are still new to this relationship and being parents at the same time... I could never have imagined that something, so out of my normal rehlm of thoughts or worries. It was a huge amazing surprise. And had it not been for this website, the chances of this happening were null. When youd been told since before puberty, it wouldve been impossible for me to get this kind of life changing experience. Id run.
Ryderfan75 said
I met a guy on here in a parking lot. I sucked him off and he fucked me. He had a hard time "breaking in" without lube. I never had a guy have that problem before. He fucked me a bit and then jerked off all over my face while I jerked myself off. So much cum! Next time I will have some lube!
pbon1962 said
Although I have found out there is a lot of bullshit on this sight I did meet a wonderful lady here and for that I thank you. Just try to eliminate some of the bs.
Have a fun call me
Donaldduck6100 said
I went 9t with a crossdresser for the first time, she acted very feminine, we went out to eat and then a movie, at the end of the movie she asked me to stay the night, she was a fantastic lover!!!!!
dirtyrcbc said
i joined this site over two years ago and in that timei meet a women who i nnever thought i could ever meet a woman who made me feel something i nerver thought i would ever feel again someone that i finally made me feel love again she has showed me more love compasion and understanding and kindess than i ever thought possible i hope i can do rite by her and give her everything thats she has given me if she doesnt stay with me then i will have at least met the most won derful person i could ever meet and the most awesome sex i could ever have had
Theoneandonlyn19 said
I am real....
Looking43some2nt said
We have been on find a threesome for awhile now and only have met up with one person face to face.. But we do enjoy searching profiles and chatting.. It would be better he there was better ways to earn gold membership for guys BC not one time have I got it free and my wife keeps gold membership thanks to find a threesome..
icpfreak6669 said
its not successful, its tons of fakes conning you and u want me to pay you for it.... thanks for that lame bullshit
valsa124 said
i join AdultFriendFinder last year i meet my boyfriend last march
dickMeNmyAss said
Hi there everyone I've been on this site for a while now and I love it I meet guys on and get just what I was looking for "dick" and lots of them I'm looking to be gangbanged and fucked like the biggest slut known to man and I have had several sexual encounters on and it's easy and these are real people who are interested in some of the same things as you are this is the best way to get what you want AdultFriendFinder is so amazing to me I've had days where I have gotten fucked by multiple guys all in the same day that's how easy it is on this site anybody should definitely try it out and see what happens if you are interested in finding that one or just fucking everyone like me so please try it.
Stacie4Daddy said
I began to chat with a middle aged man one evening about hooking up at his hotel. We shared our fantasies and desires and decided to play them out. He invited me to his hotel room that night. I entered his room and transformed into a sissy girl for him. I climbed into bed next to his naked body and opened my mouth wide;) We played for hours until I was sore and tired. It was an incredibly discreet sexual encounter and I hope to have more.

zahirahmmed said
I' am looking for something but don't know how can I get it.and that is why I am here for doing a world I'm looking a attractive educated and enjoyable lady in mymensing for doing sex.
KinkyCamCoupleNZ said
AdultFriendFinder has made my relationship with my husband stronger and hotter! Thankyou
jhymin46 said
Hi i clicked on a photo and said hi next thing i know i get a message saying can you come too my place, i say yea its a bit far how about the weekend. She says yea ok, i say ok there is nothing going on the profiles seem a bit not on, she says yea they dont want too go anywhare. I say so is it going too be a orgi, she says no just the two of us for the week end. So i get there and send a message saying im inbtownb, shemsays come over, ok i say and grabb a burger then head over.

I get there and she looks hot at the door so i say you look hot, so we decideded too start making out, then we go too the bed and fuck for a long time , i like it its hot, then we had a breack an d fucked all weekend.
Lucyslegs said
Great people on here, helping me settle in and warning of dangerous things! I get tips and flowers from lovely people who I then become friends with!xxxxx
montanatony1234 said
so im a single mature guy...and as hard to believe as that is..meeting two wonderful mature as well sexually liberated and fun females is even harder!! first i meet easeplease who ive connected with on much more then a physical level even though our first date ended up in my bedroom!!! and believe it or not she was cumming by me sucking on her nipples...mind sex is not overrated! the second wachoca was my early birhday present...and omg it was agood birthday present!! both of these ladies are respectable dignified human beings we still stay in touch..but not as much physically as any of us want..i work alot and my days off dont coincide with thiers...nonetheless my only wish is to be a couple member instead of a single guy member so as to spread more love!! thank AdultFriendFinder!!
wouldlove2doyou said
I've had amazing success on AdultFriendFinder. I found two hot chicks on here and several couples. I turns out my neighbor, Mary is a cheating slut, and I've fucked her again and again. There's also a gal in mesa who's very willing to come across, and I've done her numerous times.Also, there are several local couples who've brought me in to an MFM situation. God bless AdultFriendFinder!
licktheputtycat said
shortly after we joined we meet this wonderful couple we went out a few times and became great friend. would never have met them with out AdultFriendFinder.
goldieboy2200 said
AdultFriendFinder..I'd a Great site to join I have met afew beautiful and amazing women 01/04/2017 I met a beautiful woman and we did have a lot in common. She pick me up an took me bk to her place, an we talk watch a movie Well as we was watching tha movie I got closer to her, an I feel the temperature changes as we kiss, as I rub my fingers through her hair Kissing an sucking on her neck, as she laids bk I started undressing her, as she lay's bk looking into my eyes.I can feel her Heart beat faster as I kisses down her sexy body, as I slowly spread her legs Open She raises up an pushes me says let me do this An I was like my 9inch Rock hard BBC gets harder.she holds him in her soft hands an slowly an gently deep throat I rubs threw her soft hair I pulls her air in away that a woman likes it to be pulled.not hard..but I pulls it so she can look at she did looks up at me..she had my heart pounding an my toes was she can feel me bout she looks at me an says fuck I turns her around an put her ass in tha air an her head was in tha I slowly an gently slide my 9 inch thick meaty cock deep inside her, I can feel her pussy gripping my 9 inch Rock hard I stands up in her fucking her an Rolling my BBC deep down inside her warm wet pussy, she squirts over an over as I pulls her hair fucking her like she never been fuck before...
2133fred said
we spoke for less than a week, then on impulse, we met on thxgiving last yr. he cooked me an amazing dinner & we've been together ever since. i'm in the process of moving in with him now-was spending most of my time w him anyway! we realized that we were both polyamorous soon after we met, but he's my primary partner. he's the sweetest man & we're so compatible. a lady i knew from swinger community said she met her husband here, so outta curiosity, i tried it. go figure.
Basdynan said
hi I am basdy. Nice too meet you. I want something with yourself
Sooolooow said
Im from New Jersey... Im presently living in Los Angeles.. I love sex and look forward to som some great encounters...
Leobug1Playboy said
The story about me is that I started martial arts in 2015 and all my life I draw and paint and everything I love to do and I love working out and lose more weight and I also recycle cans and bottles for getting more cash and save and do anything and I am autistic I have autism and I am very special and I am looking for new friends and girls and everything I love to do and I have good manners and I don't like trouble and I don't like arguing from my family a lot and it hurts me and gets me angry and I don't want to hurt anyone and I'm a good person and nice and a good gentleman and I don't like beer, smoking, alcohol, all bad things I don't like, I only like good things and everything
PlzUKowrekly said
I'm a lady pleaser I met a sexy Turkish woman on the site. We shared a casual sexual relationship nsa for 3 months it was awesome and mutually beneficial...
ElAzteca91 said
I will gratefully share my story. I am a single man, age 38 years old, living in LA. Like many others, I had fears of many kinds. At my age and being from a different country I consider myself a winner. I have run impressive business in Beverly Hills and gone to where non of the others who are my age and had my education had gone before. I lost it all, I ended up homeless and penniless; I heart stories of people who have committed suicide and I believe is true. Depression almost brought my thoughts that path. There was only one thing that kept me from going more that way. Because I was able to log on to adult friend finder I was distracted and break free from my thoughts. I am addicted to it now but, I am alive. Thanks to whomever makes it possible AdultFriendFinder I am growing back to business again. Thanks AdultFriendFinder the last entrepreneur of Beverly Hills
lcinlv2 said
I got divorced in 2008 and joined AdultFriendFinder in 2009 not knowing how to date so jumped into online dating and wanted more than vanilla has been a lot fun the last 7 years meeting single ladies and couples not always a match but a few times a year when it is has been is worth the wait have made some good friends from meeting here some lose track others keep in touch but is much better than going to bar ( i do not drink alcohol) can talk about sex with out offending any body and of course no means no so just move on and be patient we all have our kinks but all are different also so stay sexy and keep swinging
cplwntslut2 said
This site is the best we have had some great times and many more to come. We will be recommending this to all our naughty friends
affsexmeup424 said
I've been a member on and off AdultFriendFinder for many years and encountered quite a few nice folks among that time both Young and old alike. The stories i've heard of their experiences were mostly all pretty good too. Like me, at first they ran across some fake profiles, or people who tended to use older or outdated pics, meaning come time to meet the other party in person, they looked nothing like their profile pics. But once you explain on your profile for others to have more recent pics, explain your likes, dislikes as well as your wants and needs in the bedroom the next time it comes down to meeting someone, both parties will be more satisfied because there is a mutual communication and agreement online as to what you both want and are looking for as well as with recent pics, there will be a mutual attraction too
bondedangel7777 said
I met a man on here that i knew 16 yrs ago crazy we found each other here. We got married and have been together almost 7 years now
14Bobcat said
Thanks to AdultFriendFinder I met a great women on here with an amazing appetite we bought a house together and two trucks we have sex three or four times a day and twice at night
horny_dkb said
I met my BEST FRIEND here! She has a blog. I have a blog. We have had a good handful of men in common that we've both played with here on AdultFriendFinder. We just had to meet and get to know each other. Now we are besties. I was in her wedding in October. It isn't always about can actually also make great friends here! I am not saying we haven't shared some fun sexy times together with others, but it's just great knowing you can meet great people here!
bilozza said
What can I say...To start with, we met mainly time wasters, no shows etc...but recently...Things have gone from a serious dry spell or possible drought to an out right flood...OMG...Thank you AdultFriendFinder...My husband and I have always had an amazing sexual relationship but thank to you...WOW...Mind blowing, fireworks producing pleasure..And luckily for us...they didn't mind if we videoed, so we now have our own times recorded..which is hotter than regular porn by the way...and we have expanded our minds sexually and started trying new things and pushing our, wow, wow...We can't thank you enough..
samandrewsammy said
I have met a few sexy women of this site that are fun and discrete. Wonderful time with them all. Very clean and friendly. This site was a great way to satisfy my ensationable sex drive, and desire. Looking forward to meeting new friends and sex partners Let's get our freak on!
Ennoaff04 said
Well, you like to get a success story!!! I tell you one thing, you guys are a just a rip off. Nothing is in real time on your messenger, and you are taking points away for nothing. 3 Years ago, it was a fun site to be a member off. Now you guys are just BS. I hope you have the B..... to contact me, not that you will. because there is no money for you to get. And that's a what your side is all about. Not just some people to meet and have some fun. Thx for nothing.
thomaslovelace said
I finally found someone who is willing to share our lives together. It's amazing, we only met a few weeks ago and hit it off. I'll be traveling to Canada soon to meet her for the first time. I can't wait, I'm excited. Wish me well.
rm_Bosir1 said
cumlotion said
Just wanted to thank this Web site For already finding a member That has came over to my place To give me a huge facial I love it thank you
softkutekitty said
this testimonial is about AdultFriendFinder member Richardislong. this man is very talented and knows his way around a womans body. he will find your erogenous zones and pleasure you to no end. He has amazing self control and a never ending desire to satisfy his will definitely walk away wanting more.