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Saturday Excitement
Posted:Jul 21, 2018 9:31 am
Last Updated:Jul 21, 2018 9:32 am

Saturday in the house,
I think it was the 21st of July
Saturday in the house
I think it was the 21st of July

Boys are wanting, Popcorn party
Disco ball requested
Singing some great songs...

Good news for them is I have a Disco ball (or two) in storage. I think i'll get motivated and go dig them out. At summer camp non of the three boys groups were the high teams. So they didn't get the popcorn party with disco ball. Time to surprise them.

I've also got a new "craft/build" idea I'm pondering. I may get what is need for it, and see if I cannot turn the idea fruition. If I decide to i'll definitely share with pics.

What does your Saturday look like?
Late night/early morning ramblings
Posted:Jul 20, 2018 9:17 pm
Last Updated:Jul 21, 2018 5:30 am
To cam or not to cam. That is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to show
The goods and how they work,
Or to be coy tease and wait
And by teasing excite one. To lust - to horny,

Late night and bored. Attempted to chat with a couple people, but IM does not always work well here. Sent a letter or two, so we shall see. Considering "broadcasting", but what would I do? Just sit there with background Doctor Who on? Camera pointed at chest (nothing special there), maybe my face. Take suggestions from those that watch? Possibly. I figure it is different for men who cam then women.

Thinking about my favorite mirror. I had received a wall decal, but I didn't want to put it on the wall. What if I move? Will I be able to use it again? Will it get ruined? So this was my solution. I think it turned out great. It is easily one of my favorite decorations in the house.

Anyway I'm starting to just ramble in my head. So I'll sit back and if I don't find some good conversation soon, I'll close down and go to sleep.

Hope you all had a great Friday, and May the force be with you.
Friday Morning Thoughts
Posted:Jul 20, 2018 3:50 am
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2018 3:52 am

ğŸŽ¶Its Friday Field trip day ğŸŽ¶

Or more importantly, it is the everyother Friday I look forward to. PAYDAY!!! Then again it not really payday for , more payment day. You know the day you wake up. Have the alert that says, your work deposited X amount into your accounts. First thing done upon waking up, go to the bill paying and pay what is due over the next two weeks. Woo hoo that's done, now to check the growing list of groceries and ancillary items needed till next payday. Make a trip to get them. Lastly look at what left and say ok, this is what ainhave for the next two weeks and sigh.

Dont get me wrong, it's better than when I was younger and I was just happy to hit payday with money in my accounts. Then there is always that thought in my head that says, "At least you have a job". Oh well the end of the month Bill's are paid. There is money left over for fun (If I can find some ), and I'll have these same thoughts in 14 days when doing it all again.

Enjoy your Friday everyone...
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Posted:Jul 18, 2018 5:04 pm
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2018 3:17 am
One of the things I do in my spare time, besides comics and sci-fi is I like to paint. I paint because my children ask me for something. I paint for gifts. I paint to decorate my house, and I paint to say something.

For instance my youngest wanted Batman so I made him these

Iron Fist is my favorite Comic book Character and I needed something to go with my POP

The Darkside of my bedroom needed some art

The tree turning to birds, and dragon breathing the phoenix have specific meanings

And of course every Jedi master must display the teachings

These are a few of my works. Maybe I'll share more at a later date.

What do you think?
User names
Posted:Jul 17, 2018 2:42 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2018 1:51 am

I have looked at a bunch of user names on this site. Some are pretty straight forward. Others seem like great puzzles or mysteries to try and figure out.

Mine is pretty simple. 18 because I signed up this . jwr are my initials. If you want to know ask (if you are nice I may tell you lol). Stork is my nickname I have had for more than I care to announce . It was high school, I played basketball all the time. I only six foot two inch+ but I have a good reach (and back then could jump). My friends and I were playing a pick-up game and Martinez drove the lane on me. I blocked the shot. A little while longer and he came at me again, in which I blocked his shot. On his fourth or fifth attempt at driving the lane on me, in which I blocked his shot, in frustration he yelled out you F-in Stork boy. As you can see I have been the Stork ever since.

How did you come up with your name?
This past weekend
Posted:Jul 16, 2018 11:23 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2018 2:54 pm

So on Saturday went out with some guys for a bachelor's party. Basically the six of us did some pregame drinking, went to eat and then a bar crawl. After eating at the Winking Lizard we walked down to 16-bit bar + arcade. What a nerds dream. The drinks were a little high, but all the arcade games are "free if drinking". Plus they had tv's surrounding the walls, each with something different on them. The tribe of course on one, Coyote Ugly, Harry Potter, Mean Girls, and stuff like that. Lots of 80's themed things around (drink names etc) and the music playing was a blast from my youth. Of course the biggest draw was the arcade games. Nothing like having a drink while playing Rampage and Q bert. It was great. Played some Marvel, Empire Strikes Back, and got my arse handed to me in Mortal Combat. Even played a couple rounds of Tron. After that we went to the Side Quest. Again a nerds dream. With drinks like the Blue Milk, Blue Sonic Screwdriver, Butter Beer, and so on. Plus they have a wall of board games to play. So lots of nerdvana going on. Anyway was geeking out to much to try and pick any ladies up, so I went home alone. But definitely still had a good time.
Great Memories
Posted:Jul 13, 2018 1:12 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2018 7:13 pm
When I was 5 or 6 my father bought me a Coleco Pac Man for my birthday. I thought it was great. Although the first month or so I owned it I didn't get to play it. My father and uncle kept playing each other break the others high record. I remember when I got it back I beat my dads top score within two days. Consequently I "lost" it again for another couple months why they tried to beat me lol.

I had that game well into my teenage years. The second joystick quit working. The top broke off, which I had to glue on to see the game. Such great joy that little game gave me. I found one on Ebay (that worked) in a price range I was willing to pay about a year ago. Once I got it, I called the old man and we laughed for hours on the phone about those memories.

Friday the 13th
Posted:Jul 13, 2018 7:11 am
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2018 12:56 pm

For the superstitious Friday the 13th means doom and gloom. Regardless what you believe I hope you have a save and good day

Here is some thoughts put together on about the day.

"The phobia, known as friggatriskaidekaphobia, is not uncommon. The word comes from Frigga, the name of the Norse goddess for whom Friday is named, and triskaidekaphobia, or fear of the number thirteen. It is also sometimes called paraskevidekatriaphobia, from the Greek Paraskevi for Friday, Dekatreis for thirteen and phobia for fear.

The origin of fears surrounding Friday the 13th is unclear. There is reportedly no written evidence of Friday the 13th superstition before the 19th century, but superstitions surrounding the number 13 date back to at least 1700 BC.

In the ancient Babylon's Code of Hammurabi, dating to about 1772 BC, the number 13 is omitted in the list of laws.

There has also been a longstanding myth that if 13 people dine together, one will die within a year. The myth comes from both the Last Supper, when Jesus dined with the 12 Apostles prior to his death, and a popular Norse myth, in which 11 close friends of the god Odin dine together only to have the 12-person party crashed by a 13th person, Loki, the god of evil and turmoil.

In fact, the number 13 has been considered cursed across the world for thousands of years. The number 12 is historically considered the number of completeness, while its older cousin, 13, has been seen as an outlier. There are 12 months of the year, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 hours of the clock, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 Descendants of Muhammad Imams, among many incidences of the pattern historically.

Thirteen is so disliked that many cities do not have a 13th Street or a 13th Avenue, many high-rise buildings avoid having a 13th floor, some hospitals avoid labeling rooms with the number 13 and many airports will not have a gate 13.

Friday has also long been considered an unlucky day. One theory hypothesizes that Friday has been considered unlucky because Jesus was crucified on a Friday according to Christian Scripture and tradition. Another states that the superstition regarding Friday comes from Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, published in the 14th century, where Friday is considered a day of misfortune and ill luck. In numerous publications in the 17th century, Friday the 13th was outlined as an unlucky day to take a trip, to begin a new project or to have a major life change (such as a birth, a marriage, among other events).

Nathaniel Lachenmeyer, author of Thirteen: the story of the world's most popular superstition, however, suggests in his book that because references to Friday the 13th were nonexistent before 1907, the popularity of the superstition must come from the publication of Thomas W. Lawson's popular novel, Friday, the Thirteenth. In the novel, a stock broker takes advantage of the superstition to create a Wall Street panic on Friday the 13th.

Wall Street has fostered a fear of Friday the 13th for decades. In Oct. 13, 1989, Wall Street saw, what was at the time, the second largest drop of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in history. The day was nicknamed the Friday-the-13th mini-crash.

Friday the 13th was also discussed in the popular 2003 novel, The Da Vinci Code. In the book, a connection is drawn between the slaughtering of the Knights Templar by the Church and Friday the 13th. Historically, the arrest of Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, did occur on Friday, Oct. 13, 1307, however the association between Friday the 13th and bad luck is thought to be a modern interpretation of the event.

Whether there is any merit to the superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th will remain uncertain, but that will not stop millions of people across the world from worrying about the unlucky day.

There are a number of popular myths and superstitions surrounding the day, most famously:

If you cut your hair on Friday the 13th, someone in your family will die.
If a funeral procession passes you on Friday the 13th, you will be the next to die.
Do not start a trip on Friday or you will encounter misfortune.
If you break a mirror on Friday the 13th, you will have seven years of bad luck.
A child born on Friday the 13th will be unlucky for life.
Ships that set sail on a Friday will have bad luck.
If you walk under a ladder or if a black cat crosses you on Friday the 13th, you will have bad luck."
Saturday Mornings
Posted:Jul 12, 2018 1:07 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2018 5:39 pm

I was recently reading a good comic book, and in the middle was an advertisement for Saturday Morning cartoons. It got me thinking about the world today. My kids will never have that joy or 8 to noon on Saturday's watching cartoons in your PJ's with a bowl of cereal. In between the commercials would be School House Rock, or the more you know. McDonald's with all the characters or toys you wanted or other breakfast foods etc... Now yes I know that they can go to youtube and see them, or go to HULU, Netflix, Amazon or whatever and see whatever cartoon they want when they want to. However, isn't the constant and instant gratification part of the problem now a days?

Don't get me wrong, when a Marvel show comes out on Netflix I'll binge it till its over. In fact I binge a lot of TV, waiting the week sometimes feels like torture. However I miss the fun and excitement of Saturday Mornings. Hell I miss Sunday mornings. Everyone else went to church, but I stayed home with the man watching Johnny Quest and Superman.

I know the joy is still attainable. For awhile MeTV aired the 60's Batman and Star Trek back to back on Saturday nights. My dynamic duo and I would watch it together before they went to bed. They couldn't wait each week. When Batman would start they would run around acting out the intro.

So to the tv stations, stop with the news that doesn't matter, or the things you call entertainment and bring back Saturday Morning Cartoons!!!
Here is a question for everyone?
Posted:Jul 11, 2018 9:06 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2018 7:02 am

a married man. My wife and I are have an open/poly relationship. very upfront about it (as my heading suggests) I figure it is best to be honest always, and this is no different. We also have four children that live at home. My wife has two partners her self, and she LARP's. I work a job where essentially alone all day everyday from 9:30 to 6. So meeting people at work is not really an option. With my wife being gone half of most weekends in a month (some more) with the kids. This leaves little time to go "out and about" to meet people.

All of these reasons have left me to resort to the online scene. Now I've tried many different sites, and apps, this one being the latest. I've had no success with any of them so far. I would describe myself as a decent enough looking individual, intelligent, pretty fun to hang out with, normal fun type person lol.

What looking for is essential a friend or friends. I want someone to talk to, chat with, hang out with on occasion, have a good time with etc. If it turns into a with benefits things great. If it turns into a partnership outstanding. Don't get me wrong, not opposed to having sex with someone right away if there is an attraction or what not. I just prefer to get to know the person a little and have a mutual understanding of life. Sex can be so much more when there is that connection.

My question is I going about it all wrong? Does the word open make woman think I just want a quick no strings sex and move on? Should I wait to mention married? Not wear my ring when I go out? These are questions that plague . If I get the chance to talk to someone, and explain the situation I think it may be easier to accept then just reading open/poly.

I also understand that not everyone is into that lifestyle. But there are enough out there, that I shouldn't be completely ignored. I don't know. What do you think?
Wish you were here
Posted:Jul 9, 2018 2:24 pm
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2018 2:27 pm

One of the greatest songs of all time, and Pink Floyd's best one. In fact even though Dark Side of the Moon or the Wall are probably their best known, Wish you were here is one of the best albums of all time. When you listen to the album and know the history you cannot help but appreciate every aspect of it. Shine on your Crazy Diamond written about Syd Barrett, Have a Cigar about all the BS that labels give new bands (even asking which one is Pink), Welcome to the Machine about how label use the bands and squeeze everything out, Wish you were here about how people cope with life. This album from start to finish has so much meaning you get lost in it.

For me this album is only slightly better than Fleetwood Mac's Rumors (another great story) Lyrically, musically emotionally these are the types of albums that I cannot get enough of.

I love good Music stories, how bands were named, story's behind songs, albums etc. How about you?
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Lazy Sunday Binge
Posted:Jul 8, 2018 7:23 am
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2018 2:03 pm

Yesterday I watched the 1981 BBC TV series of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Only six episodes long, but oh what a great campy show. It was outstanding in every way possible. If you have never watched it, DO IT, you'll thank me later Such great classic sci-fi and British to boot. So now I've got a day of Classic Who in store. I need more of that campy sci-fi.

Of course before I start that binge, I have just a couple of modern who to watch, because David Tennant is still my favorite Doctor. Are you a who fan? Do you have a favorite? Let's chat about it.
Overly excited and giddy
Posted:Jul 6, 2018 6:30 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2018 4:09 pm

As a big comic nerd (especially in what I collect) overly excited that I finally was able to purchase one of my unicorns last night. Iron Fist #14 has eluded for a long time. 1. because the cost B. because when I found one in a price range I was willing to I would get sniped on ebay lol. Of course this is a coverless copy, but I don't care. a reader in my collections. Besides it completely finishes my Iron Fist run. Now I have Marvel Premiere 15-25 and once this shows up Iron Fist 1-15. Put that with my Power Man 48 & 49 and Power Man & Iron Fist 50-125 I have the complete run of Iron Fist from his first appearance on. I even have the team-up books with him to fill in the story gaps. So yes overly giddy.

Why would #14 be so hard to get? Well since Netflix did an Iron Fist show all the books went up. Plus this book is the first appearance of Sabertooth. Yes the traditionally X-Men villain was first introduced with Iron Fist. My Nerdy Heart is so overjoyed right now...

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