What Qualities you need in your Life Partner?  

sam197pulsar 31M   
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7/12/2018 12:45 pm
What Qualities you need in your Life Partner?

What Qualities you need in your Life Partner?
Character /Behaviour
Good Personality
someone who doesn't breaks hearts and responsible

Have a wonderful day

PinacoladaTG 55T  
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7/12/2018 5:33 pm

A person with good character/behavior goes hand in hand with the last option of not being a heart-breaker and is responsible. Having a good character generally describes a good person who is honest, loyal, responsible, and accountable for his/her actions. I believe everyone truly wishes to find such a person, but in doing so, is searching for perfection in a partner. No one is perfect - everyone has flaws that others find either tolerable or has some traits that are deal breakers. Those that measure up as "tolerable" have the potential to develop a great relationship with a partner through open and honest communication. Through communication, we eliminate "assumptions" about another person's behavior and it helps to create a a trusting, open, and happy relationship for the future.

shirt_n_tie_boy 40M
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7/12/2018 1:22 pm

Loyalty and commitment. I feel for the OP because I can sense and tell that like myself they have been a very loyal and committed partner in a long term relationship and put a lot of love and effort into it, but have been treated badly and no doubt like myself were cheated on.

Be strong, you will move on and find a good person I am sure who will not take you for granted or treat you bad. I know the same is true for me.

So yeah loyalty and commitment is pretty much all I need. Oh and being cool with my shirt and tie wearing and embracing that, and my future female partner needs to be considerate and wear a shirt and tie for me also on occasion as I love that.

But yeah, good guys like us, we don't really ask for much or expect much from a partner when you think about it right? Just the basics and fundamentals of any good relationship really.

Best wishes

sam197pulsar 31M   

7/12/2018 12:53 pm

loves you for what you are

Have a wonderful day

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